Practice Tips- Fresh and Productive

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There comes a point in every students’ learning when practice becomes arduous and stale. This can happen to any student at any age or skill level. Often hectic work or school schedules leave little time for practice making it feel like a chore or students plateau at times and feel as if they are not… Read more »

Offering Music Theory Classes to Your Studio

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About 6 months ago, I decided to offer a group music theory class to my studio. There were two reasons for this. I’ll admit, it was originally inspired by a desire to bring more income. As I was brainstorming how to do this, I asked myself, “What could my studio really use?” It took no… Read more »

Traveling With Your Instrument

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It’s springtime and summer is right around the corner. Time to pack up your instruments and head out to summer camps and vacations. Here are some tips to make sure your instrument arrives safely and in pristine performance condition: Flying tips: The rules relaxed a smidge in the spring of 2015 and you can carry-on… Read more »

Choosing a Better Recital Song

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Choosing a Better Recital Song Recital season is looming on the horizon, and it’s time to make song selections! In the name of fairness, I make a point to give students the opportunity to submit requests for recital songs before we make a final decision. This does not always go the way I would hope… Read more »


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An easy way to spot a guitar player is to look at their fingernails. Many guitarists will have almost no fingernail on the left hand while having perfectly shaped, long and polished fingernails on the right. Although not mandatory for all guitarists, those of us who play classical guitar could not imagine playing without them…. Read more »