Teacher Turned Star

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There are many ways to share the love for music, some choose to see it as hobby, others as a full time job, but there are cases in a musician’s life where they live to practice various ways to live from music, and it’s interesting to see how someone as a teacher goes from cultivating… Read more »

Building a Violin

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Musical instruments go through different process of constructions, whether it is because of the nature of the instrument itself or the particular process of wood instruments like violins, guitars and more, in which the manufacturer does the work, this involves different types of wood and processes Violin Builder Terry Borman, a professional luthier shared his… Read more »

RetroWave: 80s in the XXI Century

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There is a lot of going back to the 80s happening since around 2010, and music has made sure to make the most of it. There has been shows such as Stranger Things, movies like Blade Runner 2049 and well known artist like The Weeknd that began using sounds from synths very 80s like. There… Read more »

Fearless Sight-reading: Do It Often!

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by Robert Fisher: The Catoctin School of Music I will never forget one terrifying Sunday morning as I began accompanying the church choir in a hymn on the piano. I was in high school at the time and through some fortunate circumstances was given the opportunity to serve as a part-time pianist and musician at… Read more »

Music History: Japan

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Despite all the connections and relationships between different cultures, there is still a big difference between the east and the west mostly between Western culture and Asian culture. While music is a place to share a universal language, there are many interesting differences in the way music developed since many centuries ago. According to britannica.com… Read more »