Recording For Practice and Auditions

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by Wayne Estes Just recently, I spent an entire weekend video recording and editing the videos for a few of my advanced students to submit for college auditions. We discovered a few things that I feel are worth sharing… It is never too early to start to record yourself performing and practicing with audio and… Read more »

Whatever You Do, DO NOT Under Charge

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The other day I was browsing websites for online piano teachers. I’m hoping to open up my schedule to students online via Skype, so I’m searching for websites that might help me kick-start this practice. For the most part, I noticed teachers are charging the going rate, which made me happy, but one website really… Read more »

Recital Etiquette 101

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by Alyssa Cowell As the studio gears up for recital season, it’s a great time to review the finer points of recital etiquette; for both participants and audience members! Students usually receive some sort of instruction for how to behave when it’s their turn to perform but may not know what they’re supposed to do… Read more »

Goal Setting For Teachers

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Now that the new school year has started, it’s time to start setting goals for yourself and your studio. So when you get a moment, sit down (or walk with your phone’s recording app open!) and reflect on last year. What were your proudest moments as a teacher? What were some situations that could have… Read more »

Guitar Fingering System

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Every instrument comes with a system of fingering to help the composer illustrate how the piece should be played. This goes beyond tempo markings and dynamics and tells the performer exactly which finger to use to play a note, what position the student should be in, and what string the note goes on. All of… Read more »