Judging For Their Music/Deeds

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The world of today has a big problem, which consists in blurring the line between a person’s work as an artist and their personal lives, which in turn begs the question, do we judge artists by their deeds and who they are as a person or their work. Sometimes even actors suffer the consecuences of… Read more »

DokBrass, a Hip Hop Superhero

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Sampling and hip hop has gone a long way since it was first implemented in music in the 80s, and now in a way, there is so much you can do with it mixing several genres into one great piece of music. One way of doing this is through finger drumming, and there is one… Read more »

Musical Burn-out

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There comes a point in the journey of a musician when it’s not just about playing with an instrument and learning, there is a lot of trial and error, boring parts, persistence, necessary rest and a few more battles which sometimes can take a toll on creativity and the natural flow of composition and music… Read more »

Two Paths For a Beginner Guitarrist

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Every instrument gives us a chance to make unique music, and it’s in the hands of the aspiring musician to sort of lean towards a personality or identity behind it. In this case we’ll be going over some tips and thoughts surrounding the guitar. As any other instrument, frst you have to learn the basics,… Read more »

History Of Music in Germany

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It’s well known that one of the most important places in the world for music is Germany in many ways. The world was very different a few hundred years ago, and music wasn’t as universal so the place where you came from as a musician mattered even more than it does now. Germany became the… Read more »