Achieving Success Through Goal Oriented Practice

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One of the problems we have as musicians is a plateau in development and drive. It’s happened to almost everybody I know in one way or another and it’s the most frustrating thing to deal with. Over the years I’ve found that the most common reason for a plateau is a lack of clearly defined… Read more »

Teenage Piano Students Need To Find Their Musical Style

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Does anyone else out there notice their long time students starting to lose enthusiasm once they reach 12 or 13? Maybe even younger at age 11? Many teachers I speak with say the same thing. It’s a tough age. Many of those kids have been with you since they were very young. It’s really amazing,… Read more »

Be Prepared

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Be Prepared Being prepared is something that I have been taught since I was young. This was reiterated all my life by family, teachers, coaches, and scout leaders. Not only has this help me immensely in my musical career, but often in many other day to day life situations. In music as many other careers… Read more »

How To Teach While Rehearsing

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Rehearsal is an important aspect (at least it should be!) to all musicians, performers and teachers. It’s something we have spent countless hours doing throughout our careers. Whether it’s with a band, orchestra, or solo in a quiet place, it takes practice to develop good rehearsal skills. Something I ask of my students often is… Read more »

Ways for Musicians to Give Back During the Holiday Season

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It’s that Most Wonderful Time of the year! As December kicks off and we gear up to start a new year, consider giving the gift of sharing music during the holiday season – it requires some preparation, and a little sacrifice, but there are ample opportunities to bring a little light and joy during a… Read more »