Music Production

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Ever since audio got to be recorded, the idea of recording music and listening at any moment became something extremely interesting, not to mention, difficult, and nowadays it requires a lot of time and dedication to be able to produce music in order to be reproduced in the best way possible, maintaining a clean and… Read more »

Happy Halloween!!!

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Every October I look forward to watching scary movies with my family – the campier the better. As any fan of horror films can attest to, a film’s soundtrack does a lot to build tension, forewarn the audience of danger, and generally adds to the more entertaining aspects of the movie experience. So, for this… Read more »


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Synthesizers changed the way music was made around the early 80s, although they began making appearances in the 60s and 70s, the digital era in music made them cover a lot more ground than it was expected at first. When talking about synthesizers it’s important to know the difference between analog and digital. The biggest… Read more »

Dealing With Creativity

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When teaching, there is an obvious difference of students and teacher, and it defines the space in which each of them operates, this is, a predominance of speaker on the teacher’s side, and a predominance of listeners on the student’s side, but what to do when this dynamic changes, and what is the difference on… Read more »

Beyond Playing: History

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Music is actually a lot more than playing, and knowing how to write and read, there is a whole history that grows with each passing day, meaningful past creations, cultural movements, places, and people.