Review: Core Music Theory for String Players

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I have long been searching for an alternative theory method for my string players. There are purely theoretical methods (Ultimate Music Theory), and Keyboard Specific methods (Snell Fundamentals), but few (and incomplete) methods for the string player. The biggest hurdle for a beginning string player is understand how their instrument relates to the music written… Read more »

The Right Hand – Training for success!

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One thing I’ve noticed being a guitar instructor is the wild fluctuations of the right hands of new students. From using a pick or thumb only, or a finger-style where the hand looks painfully contorted. Often these students are coming from a class room setting or self-taught back ground where poor technique tends to flourish…. Read more »

Music Rocks

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My wife and I went on a wonder filled two-week vacation this past summer where we visited 16 National Parks in the states of Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Utah.  I was struck by the parks beauty and enormity.  Each park was new, different and built on multiple millennia… Read more »

What Happened to New Music and Musicians?

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Ever since companies like Napster, pirated music has created a standard of music listening that is free to consumers. As a result, consumers have valued music less and less. Bands and artists used to make all their money from CD’s and tapes and would further that revenue through concerts and performances. Nowadays, everyone has access… Read more »

Pre-School Maintenance for Stringed Instruments

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About two weeks before school starts, students and parents spend copious amounts of time and effort on back-to-school shopping. That begs the question: how many students upgrade and repair their stringed instruments before heading back to orchestra class? If you haven’t thought about it yet, consider doing a little back-to-school maintenance. Below is a list… Read more »