April Fools!

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It is about this time of year when students get a little antsy. The skies are gray, temperatures fluctuate between glorious and heinous, and that long-awaited for spring break is so close they can taste it… almost as well as they can preemptively taste that basket full of Easter goodies. Here are a few tips… Read more »

Guitar sitting position and technique

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Correct sitting position is the foundation of guitar technique and should not be overlooked. Not paying attention to or not teaching the student how to sit properly with their instrument can have severe consequences. How to sit properly with the guitar is the first thing students should learn in lessons. These habits should be taught… Read more »

Classroom help

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I discovered a neat trick in my private school guitar classroom last week…notation on the big screen.  Every student was engaged and reading or trying to read and I could walk around the classroom and look at their technique and make suggestions while the others played along to the music. I have been searching for… Read more »

Aspiring Theatre Students and Classical Singing

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The majority of my vocal students consist of hopeful musical theatre enthusiasts. They’re immediate singing goals revolve around preparing for the show in which they’re currently cast, being ready for the next audition, or finding a new show to audition for. It would be easy and logical to spend lesson time building a knowledge of… Read more »

Tips for Getting Your Student to Practice.

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Parents ask me all the time how to get their child interested in practicing and how to stop having to nag them to practice. While simple bribing and small incentives may work, they often only resolve in short term results. In my opinion the best way to get a student interested is to also show… Read more »