Surprising Albums from the 21st Century (Just a Few)

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It’s a common thing for artists to change in terms of music composition, genre and the general direction of what they were doing, this happens to bands as well as solo artists. The music we make is a reflection of who we are as persons, so it’s not a surprise to see that music changes… Read more »

Riot Grrrl Movement: A Revolution in the Punk Scene

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Punk rock was a very powerful force when it came to cultural change as it was not only about the music, it was about the ones that didn’t fit into the establishment or in musical terms, the mainstream audience. This was a way to finally show true colors, and scream with all honesty what is… Read more »

Is It Important to Win Awards as Musicians?

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In every form of art there is competition, or a need to prove something to the world, and maybe for some this is achieved by winning awards, going as far as to say winning a Grammy. But is this really that important? does it meassure how good an artist is or how popular? and how… Read more »

Portable Music Players

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Music has always been an important part of every human being, and in one way or another, people get to experience music and melodies in their lives. However one of the most important technological breakthroughs in history was the invention of portable music whiche meant, having music with you as if you were listening to… Read more »

City Pop

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As musicians we are always amazed by the possibilities of merging different influences and finding new inspirations to develop different and fresh sounds. A good example of this result of making something new by mixing different genres is city pop. City pop is a genre of music that originated in Japan around the 70s and… Read more »