3 Ways to Metronome

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A student walked into her lesson a few weeks ago and the first words out of her mouth were: “Ms. Sarah, the metronome is an amazing thing”. I was so dumbfounded by the wisdom of what this student said (being so young, I was shocked she would ever admit it), that it nearly knocked me… Read more »

Nylon vs. Steel vs. Electric

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The world of guitar is full of options. Not only in styles of music where guitar can be found, but in the wide range of guitars available to anyone wanting to learn or expand their collection. This can lead to problems deciding what guitar to start on or what to purchase next. To help decide… Read more »

Using Christmas Songs to Engage Students

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It’s that “most wonderful time” once again – and if your studio is anything like mine, you’ve been eyeing that stack of Christmas song books for the last few weeks wondering when the right time to start Christmas music. Here are a few ideas for incorporating Christmas songs into your lesson time to initiate thoughtful… Read more »

What You’re Not Learning With Your Music Degree

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  Are music colleges preparing you for the real world with a marketable degree? An article by Bill Zuckerman outlines a few characteristics that need to be changed or revitalized in music programs around the country. “Make Entrepreneur Initiative courses a Core Requirement over Super Advanced Music Theory Classes” While the fundamentals of music theory… Read more »

Tips On Starting Your First Music Teaching Studio

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    With a new year approaching, you can be sure that children and adults everywhere will be holding on to shiny new musical instruments and guess what? They’re going to need a teacher! If you don’t teach, but you’ve been playing for a while, you might want to consider starting a lesson studio of… Read more »