Coping with Vocal Changes

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Voice changes are trying for all adolescents; making vocal progress during a voice change is even more frustrating. What can a teacher do to help students who are struggling physically and emotionally through this awkward period? Be Patient. This is advice for all parties involved! Instructors need to be patient when it comes to temporarily… Read more »

Crooked Uphill Progress

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A couple times a year I have an adult student (usually) come to a crisis point in their lessons. Frustrated they always tell me that they think they are not doing well and are even regressing; losing skills and knowledge where they used to be strong. This is something that happens to all students regardless… Read more »

Music Adjectives

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I thought I would take a month and write down words that describe what I see music doing in my life and in my teaching studio and community.  Hopefully you notice and are equally inspired by some of the same things…   Music teaches us and exposes us to new:   Concepts Patience Humility Logic… Read more »

Auditioning Tips for Music Theatre Students

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This is about the time of year that the local Middle and High schools hold auditions for the big spring musical. Every year, there are students who are nervously considering auditioning for the first time, and have no idea what to expect. While every director has their particular way of auditioning prospective students, there are… Read more »

Practice Tips- Fresh and Productive

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There comes a point in every students’ learning when practice becomes arduous and stale. This can happen to any student at any age or skill level. Often hectic work or school schedules leave little time for practice making it feel like a chore or students plateau at times and feel as if they are not… Read more »