Ways for Musicians to Give Back During the Holiday Season

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It’s that Most Wonderful Time of the year! As December kicks off and we gear up to start a new year, consider giving the gift of sharing music during the holiday season – it requires some preparation, and a little sacrifice, but there are ample opportunities to bring a little light and joy during a… Read more »

Utilizing Christmas Music to Invoke Musicianship

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I happen to love holiday and Christmas music, and it is not just that the melodies are so classic and they conjure up wonderful old memories of enjoyable times growing up with my family and church in a rural Virginia farming community. What I’ve discovered as a piano teacher is the power of one of… Read more »

Some Marketing Tips for Recital Season

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Now that Fall is here, no doubt you are planning for your recital. The recital is probably the best marketing event you do all year. Everyone gets to see all your kids progress, they go home, and they tell their friends. Then they call you wanting to take lessons. Great! You can up your game… Read more »

Parental Involvement

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by Jamey Mann When a child is taking music lessons the role the parent needs to play cannot be overstated. The younger the student the more important this role becomes. In the Suzuki method the parent is referred to as the home teacher. In this role the parent is taking lessons with the student; taking… Read more »

Recording For Practice and Auditions

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by Wayne Estes Just recently, I spent an entire weekend video recording and editing the videos for a few of my advanced students to submit for college auditions. We discovered a few things that I feel are worth sharing… It is never too early to start to record yourself performing and practicing with audio and… Read more »