Music Production

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Ever since audio got to be recorded, the idea of recording music and listening at any moment became something extremely interesting, not to mention, difficult, and nowadays it requires a lot of time and dedication to be able to produce music in order to be reproduced in the best way possible, maintaining a clean and… Read more »


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Synthesizers changed the way music was made around the early 80s, although they began making appearances in the 60s and 70s, the digital era in music made them cover a lot more ground than it was expected at first. When talking about synthesizers it’s important to know the difference between analog and digital. The biggest… Read more »

Dealing With Creativity

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When teaching, there is an obvious difference of students and teacher, and it defines the space in which each of them operates, this is, a predominance of speaker on the teacher’s side, and a predominance of listeners on the student’s side, but what to do when this dynamic changes, and what is the difference on… Read more »

Beyond Playing: History

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Music is actually a lot more than playing, and knowing how to write and read, there is a whole history that grows with each passing day, meaningful past creations, cultural movements, places, and people.

Exploring The Classical

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Classical music education is the most traditional form of musical education, however these days there are two ways to go with that kind of knowledge, the first is to stay true to its roots and perform as they would a few decades ago, the second way to go is to take all of that knowledge… Read more »

Song Writing: Lyrics

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A huge part of music today is the story you tell, not only with the sounds and harmonies played, but the actual words that are sung. This aspect of music has been a part of its structure in many compositions since opera or minstrels, where words mattered. In a way, lyrics and poetry are sometimes… Read more »

Music in Movies, Commercials and Video Games

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These days, a lot of the entertainment industry is all about movies, TV shows, video games and in between, commercials, ads and much more. The truth is that while the visual side of all these forms of art is essential, what would it all be without music? There is a different approach to music when… Read more »

Finding Your Voice

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From the very beginning of music lessons, the voice is our first go to, tool to learn about notes harmonies and scales. This is an essential part of reading music and training your musical ear. However, the voice as an instrument is also the cause of many insecurities, such as not liking how it sounds,… Read more »

Competition Mindset

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It’s always healthy to feel like there is some competition in every discipline, this includes music. These “competitions” however, are not exclusively with another person, it also involves ourselves and surpassing our past selves. This kind of motivation is sometimes thought to be unhealthy or unnecessary, but the truth is that it can be fuel… Read more »

How Instruments Work

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There is an ongoing problem about the way we approach to tools or instruments today, which makes us focus more on how to use them rather than understanding how they work. Some may say that it’s not necessary to know how an instrument works, or how it was made, however the same could be said… Read more »