Using Facebook Ads for Your Studio.

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I recently launched an online piano lesson course for kids, and have been taking marketing course after marketing course to figure out how to get my brand out there! In doing so, I’ve learned a lot of very valuable information about using Facebook as a marketing tool for businesses. If you find your target audience,… Read more »

Avoiding the Summer Slump

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June is almost here, and if you’re like me, you’re excited about the warmer weather but also filled with a bit of dread… Because the summer months mean that those nice, consistent checks rolling in at the first of each month for piano lessons begin to dwindle.  Students are busy traveling, enjoying time at home… Read more »

Setting Up Students For A Successful Year

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It’s September, and chances are, you’re kicking off a new year at your studio! Perhaps you have a group of enthusiastic new students, an amazing group of skilled returning students — or a blend of both. Whatever the makeup of your student load for the year, it’s important to set them up for a successful… Read more »

Setting the Stage: Educating Students To Stay With it for the Long Haul.

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A student signs up for lessons. He and his family are super enthused. “He’s so naturally musical,” his proud parents tell you at his first lesson. “He practices all the time. We don’t even have to ask him!” his parents marvel two months in. And then…maybe in 6 months, maybe in a few years, there’s… Read more »

The Collaborative Recital

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One of the things I love about being in a local music teachers association is the access to different events for students at my studio. Whether it’s a master class or a workshop, students are provided with lots of opportunities, thanks to the ideas, work and expertise of colleagues in my profession. Several times a… Read more »

The Masterclass

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Spring in my studio means that it’s time for my local association’s annual Spring Festival, an event we hold for teachers and students. We bring in a local/regional teacher at the university level who conducts teacher workshops, and also holds masterclasses for our students.   Even though the majority of my students have only had… Read more »