Technology Tips for Virtual Lessons: Improve Your Online Lessons Experience

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by Robert Fisher, Catoctin School of Music With many music studios either launching or transitioning their students to online lessons full-time during this unprecedented pandemic, it has been a season of ingenuity and adaptability under pressure for music teachers. Most instructors have faced the new reality of embracing virtual lessons, through services such as Zoom,… Read more »

Coping with Performance Anxiety

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by Jamey Mann, The Catoctin School of Music Performance anxiety is something that all performers, students, and teachers will have to deal with at some point. For many people anxiety is manageable and a normal part of performance. However, for others performance anxiety is near crippling and may keep a musician from reaching their full… Read more »

#Stay at Home With Me and PRACTICE!

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by Alyssa Cowell, The Catoctin School of Music While everyone is at home under quarantine, now is the time to get in some extra practice! Build practice into your new routine: As the days at home feel longer and longer, try creating a new schedule that incorporates scheduled practice time. See how many days in… Read more »

Musicians were born for times like these!

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by Jennene Estes, The Catoctin School of Music Improvisation is the act of accessing creativity in the moment and under pressure, to resolve or direct the resolution of a situation to meet objectives. It is the ability to converge composition, creativity and execution to achieve success. And the benefits of learning improvisation have been proven… Read more »

The Gift of Practice as Self-Care

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Give Yourself the Gift of Regularly Scheduled Practice Time by Alyssa Cowell, The Catoctin School of Music Self-care awareness is currently at an all-time high. It seems like every other article floating across my dashboard pertains to developing strategies to give your mind a rest, to practice personal-care rituals geared toward stress relief, or to… Read more »

Fearless Sight-reading: Do It Often!

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by Robert Fisher: The Catoctin School of Music I will never forget one terrifying Sunday morning as I began accompanying the church choir in a hymn on the piano. I was in high school at the time and through some fortunate circumstances was given the opportunity to serve as a part-time pianist and musician at… Read more »