Hymns vs. Praise Songs

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By Eric Nanz For many church goers the style of music that is played in worship has a major impact on why they attend the church they do. After all, singing in corporate worship is one of the most enriching parts of going to church. It feeds the soul, teaches us theology and places us… Read more »

The Weekly Practice List

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By Patrick Fritz Every teacher has his or her favorite method of helping students keep track of what they are supposed to practice every week.  The trick is finding something that works for the student, family, and the teacher.  My favorite tool is a weekly practice list. My early middle and early high school kids… Read more »

Music for October!

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By Alyssa Cowell Every October I look forward to watching scary movies with my family – the campier the better. As any fan of horror films can attest to, a film’s soundtrack does a lot to build tension, forewarn the audience of danger, and generally adds to the more entertaining aspects of the movie experience…. Read more »

Listening Like a Maniac

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By Patrick Fritz Almost all of my most successful motivational ideas are borrowed, stolen, or are a modified version of another teacher’s idea. “Listen Like a Maniac” is no exception. Michelle Horner and her daughter were practicing daily.  Together, they were carefully following the advice of her daughter’s violin teacher.  But even though Michelle is… Read more »

I Have G.A.S.

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By Saleh Sabat My name is Saleh. I’m an Electric guitar player, and I have G.A.S. I’ve had it since I was 13 years old, and it seems to be getting worse as I age. Ok ok, now that the giggling is over, let’s talk about what G.A.S. stands for. G.A.S. is an acronym for… Read more »