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By Wayne Estes Through this blog, I hope to remind every musician and teacher of the one of the biggest reasons we all love and enjoy music…the sound. I believe every sound, note and voice has its own tone and texture which can invoke a rich feeling in us because of our previous experiences and… Read more »

For your reading pleasure…

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By Alyssa Cowell Today’s blog is meant as an introduction to a rather clever author with a complete lack of reverence for the subject of music history. If you’ve ever considered reading about the great composers but fear you don’t have the attention span for Grout’s History of Western Music (if the amount of times… Read more »

Time For Your Recital Interview!

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By Patrick Fritz At The Catoctin School of Music, we have a fairly large guitar studio. This means that recitals have to be well organized and run very smoothly to fit all of the students into a given timeframe. The combination of performance nerves and logistical concerns has the potential to make for a stressful… Read more »

Hymns vs. Praise Songs

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By Eric Nanz For many church goers the style of music that is played in worship has a major impact on why they attend the church they do. After all, singing in corporate worship is one of the most enriching parts of going to church. It feeds the soul, teaches us theology and places us… Read more »

The Weekly Practice List

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By Patrick Fritz Every teacher has his or her favorite method of helping students keep track of what they are supposed to practice every week.  The trick is finding something that works for the student, family, and the teacher.  My favorite tool is a weekly practice list. My early middle and early high school kids… Read more »