Making Practice Fun

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There comes a point in every students’ learning when practice becomes arduous and stale. This can happen to any student at any age or skill level. Often hectic work or school schedules leave little time for practice making it feel like a chore, or students plateau at times and feel as if they are not… Read more »

Yes, Your Voice Student NEEDS Piano Lessons.

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When students start private lessons, it would be reasonable to expect that his/her lesson would be focused on the instrument they’re most excited about. Voice lessons are no exception – after all, singers want to sing! As far as instruments go, the barrier to entry for singing lessons is as low as it gets: you… Read more »

Show up, Show up early, Show up prepared.

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I teach my students the rudiments of music and the techniques necessary to master their instrument, but also try give them preparation on how to be successful in life. Three valuable lessons I’ve learned from music teachers, coaches, and family are to show up, show up early, and show up prepared. I believe that these… Read more »

Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

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My internet research indicates that you have a whopping 20% chance of sticking to your New Year’s resolutions this year.  That’s kind of depressing.  So about 20% of us will be successful and sadly about 80% of us will fail in restarting or reenergizing our new, good habits.  After a month 50% of us will… Read more »

Performance Anxiety

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As the holiday season arrives, I find students are seizing extra opportunities to perform live – sometimes for the first time. Often, the last lesson preceding their event is spent discussing the finer points of stage presence, and its ability to boost a performance. Inexperienced performers are often overwhelmed by nerves leading up to and… Read more »

Review: Core Music Theory for String Players

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I have long been searching for an alternative theory method for my string players. There are purely theoretical methods (Ultimate Music Theory), and Keyboard Specific methods (Snell Fundamentals), but few (and incomplete) methods for the string player. The biggest hurdle for a beginning string player is understand how their instrument relates to the music written… Read more »

Music Rocks

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My wife and I went on a wonder filled two-week vacation this past summer where we visited 16 National Parks in the states of Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Utah.  I was struck by the parks beauty and enormity.  Each park was new, different and built on multiple millennia… Read more »