Recital Etiquette 101

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by Alyssa Cowell As the studio gears up for recital season, it’s a great time to review the finer points of recital etiquette; for both participants and audience members! Students usually receive some sort of instruction for how to behave when it’s their turn to perform but may not know what they’re supposed to do… Read more »

Guitar Fingering System

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Every instrument comes with a system of fingering to help the composer illustrate how the piece should be played. This goes beyond tempo markings and dynamics and tells the performer exactly which finger to use to play a note, what position the student should be in, and what string the note goes on. All of… Read more »


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So, the school year is starting again, and it is a perfect time for we music teachers to remind students and parents of our goals for this upcoming year. To have another successful and artistic year with music lessons we need a bit of planning, forecasting and development to help guide us through. Ask your… Read more »

What does Good Singing sound like?

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Every once in awhile, a student will ask me a question that seems like it should be easy to answer but isn’t. Recently, I had a young vocalist ask me who my favorite singer is. The follow-up question: “Why are they the best?” got me thinking a little bit more. The student in question is… Read more »

Performance Anxiety

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An inevitable part of being a musician is performance anxiety. From accomplished performers and teachers to beginning students we all experience it to some degree. Even those who say they do not deal with it still have a physiological reaction when performing. It is important to have techniques ready to teach students how to deal… Read more »

Coping with Vocal Changes

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Voice changes are trying for all adolescents; making vocal progress during a voice change is even more frustrating. What can a teacher do to help students who are struggling physically and emotionally through this awkward period? Be Patient. This is advice for all parties involved! Instructors need to be patient when it comes to temporarily… Read more »