Preparing for a Studio Move

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For the past 5+ years, I have run a fairly large studio out of my home. In that time, I’ve contracted another instructor who traveled to her students, while still maintaining a long waiting list. This winter, the two of us began toying with the idea of partnering to expand the studio and eventually hire… Read more »

Create Buzz With Biz Cards

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The only money I spend on marketing my studio each year is for new business cards. For less than $50, I can spread the word about my services far and wide, and also allow others to easily do the same. I have found business cards to be way more effective than print ads, online ads,… Read more »

Reaching a New Demographic

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Since the very beginning, my studio’s target population has been school-aged children and teens. We offer voice, piano, and guitar lessons as well as music therapy, and have been very fortunate to fill every available time slot and maintain a sizable waiting list. But as I’ve mentioned before, I always like to set challenges for… Read more »

Studio Partnership

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A couple months ago, I wrote about the fact that my studio has outgrown its current space. My partner and I have been searching for the perfect location for a while now, and recently hit the jackpot. Over the years we have cultivated our relationship with a local music store: we’ve sent our students there… Read more »

Creating Digital Products

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Being a studio owner — a small business owner of any kind, really — is challenging. Your income is not always guaranteed month to month, and there are only so many hours in the day during which you (and your employees, if you have any) can work with students. It didn’t take long after opening… Read more »

Outgrowing My Studio

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Every year it seems that I blog about a big change happening in my studio: renovating, hiring another teacher, taking the summer off to have a baby…and now, moving to a bigger location! My studio has grown from being a traveling one (where I went to my student’s homes), to a small one-room space in… Read more »

Celebrating Students’ Festival Success

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Every year, many of my piano and voice students participate in our local Junior Festival, hosted by the Illinois Federation of Music Clubs. Preparation for Festival begins in November when they choose their pieces, and then they work hard for the next four months learning, memorizing, and perfecting. Needless to say, it’s a stressful time… Read more »

Reigniting the Spark in Your Career

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No matter how successful, motivated, and passionate you are when it comes to your career as a studio owner, it’s inevitable: at some point, you’ll need to add some fuel to the fire that drives your work. Maybe you’re undergoing a shift in your personal life, or feeling burnt out, or just fighting a case… Read more »

Preparing for a New Year

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Every year, I take a two-week break in December so that both my students and I can enjoy the holidays with our families. After several months of hard work, we all need that time off to recharge our batteries. But for me, the winter vacation isn’t all play and no work. While I don’t actually… Read more »

Publicizing Your Studio at the Holidays

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This time of year is always a bit frenzied, trying to fit everything in before the winter break begins at the end of December. But despite my already busy schedule, I always make time for the plethora of publicity opportunities that come up in my community. These opportunities vary as far as the amount of… Read more »