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holiday media opportunitiesThis time of year is always a bit frenzied, trying to fit everything in before the winter break begins at the end of December. But despite my already busy schedule, I always make time for the plethora of publicity opportunities that come up in my community.

These opportunities vary as far as the amount of time involved, the potential exposure, and the nature of the event or commitment, but I look at each as a chance to grow my studio while at the same time increasing my local presence as a small business.

Here are just a few of the opportunities I take advantage of each year; hopefully this list will generate some ideas for how you can do the same in your community.

1. Holiday performances for local news channels. For as long as I can remember, several of my local news stations have invited local performance groups and young musicians to record holiday songs to be played throughout the month of December. Not only is this great for the studio, but it also provides an outlet for students to perform their holiday repertoire.

2. Radio interviews. This will be my 4th year as the featured guest on the holiday edition of a radio show that airs in my city. I get to talk about my work, studio, and students in addition to singing some holiday songs. I always garner some new business as a result of this interview.

3. Volunteer opportunities. Gather up some of your students and volunteer as a group at holiday walks, festivals, and other community events. For maximum exposure, wear t-shirts displaying your logo and have cards or brochures on hand.

4. Providing entertainment at holiday gatherings. I receive requests from nursing homes, community centers, and various businesses looking for pianists and small ensembles for their open houses and parties. Some of these are paid, while others are on a volunteer basis.

How do you get your studio noticed at this time of year?