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By Meridith Johnson

thumbPracticing.  This topic seems to be highly debated over the years under the umbrella of music education.  With so many different opinions and approaches, what is the best policy or view of practicing?

How much should we as teachers require our students to practice?  Or what about students who put too much pressure on themselves and practice too much?  Where do parents play a role when it comes to practicing?

At Studios of Sarah Strout, we have adopted a “4 x 3” practicing policy.  Students are encouraged to practice their songs four days a week, three times each.  Though some studios would prefer more or less practicing, we feel this has been a good base for kids.  We also have an exciting trophy contest where students can earn points each week based on how much they practice, if they are prepared for their lesson, if they memorize their songs and so on.  Students can easily earn additional points if they practice more than just four days, so as teachers it is always encouraging to see those students who are excited and willing to practice hard.

Our studio focuses on making learning an instrument a fun experience, as many of our kids are involved in multiple other activities, on top of their regular school work.

What does your studio encourage students in when it comes to practicing?  Are your students eager to practice, or is it difficult to see results?