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Instead of a typical informative blog post, I want to ask readers a question: What’s your attendance policy? Everyone is different. I’m curious about how others do it. What works best for you? What have been some mistakes you made and learned from in the past?

Currently, my policy is students pay me at the beginning of the month, in advance. If they cancel on the day of, no refund is given. If they give me 24 hours notice, they will be refunded on the following bill cycle. I always wonder if I could be doing something better. The current policy has protected me from last minute flakes, and set a tone that makes people think twice about canceling without notice. But I still have one complaint. There are a few students who seem to cancel once a month. This is a little frustrating, because I budget my life according to income I should be earning each week. If a student misses at least once a month, what do I do? Do I do anything at all or just let it go? Should there be a policy in place to protect me from this?

Tell me, dear teachers and studio owners. How do you tackle this issue? What has and has not worked for you?