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Spotlight (2)Our interview with The Centre for Musical Minds
of  USA

SH: Tell us about your studio.

The Centre for Musical Minds is an Internationally recognized Music School with two campuses in the Dallas metroplex, and an online learning option. We have some great music teacher resources on our website that may be useful for others: http://www.centreformusicalminds.org/resources/

SH: What is your experience, and the style you teach?

Our music teachers at CMM have a strong emphasis on teacher expertise, experience and development.  Each faculty member has a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, and we even have two faculty members who have Doctoral degrees and have been, or are currently on college music faculty.   Our students enjoy the process of learning and creating music of all kinds, which means we teach popular music alongside of the classical curriculum.

SH: How do you manage your studio?

We have used Studio Helper since 2009 and because of this, we are able to stay organized from a scheduling standpoint, as well as financially.  One of my favorite aspects (and there are many) of Studio Helper is the ease in which I can schedule individual or group lesson.  I can customize how long they will go for in terms of weeks or months, the duration, and even set up auto reminders for when I want to remind them.  Using Studio Helper cuts down significantly on my administrative time.  We have also integrated the enrollment form on our website and when students enroll, their forms magically appear in my inbox where I can then go in and schedule with ease.   http://www.centreformusicalminds.org/registration

SH: What are your plans for the future?

Long term and big picture, we will continue to grow our student base around the world and bring some amazing teaching to equally amazing students.  In the shorter term and local picture, we will continue to embrace this wonderful world of popular music and digital music to create meaningful experiences for our students and music teaching artists.  Just this year we are embracing “flipped classrooms” and teaching our theory classes from the comfort of the student’s own home!  To read more about “upside down”/flipped classroom research, check out this article. Our goal to streamline content that is consistent and repetitive, which allows us to have more meaningful time spent with the student in their private lessons.  As we continue to grow, we are always planning for something!