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By Julia Kossuth

Although I give mainly elementary school kids piano lessons, I’m always excited when an adult student would like to start piano lessons. Whether they are brand new to playing or rusty after years away from the piano, working with an adult is so much fun and adds nice variety to any studio.

thumbBecause our adults are busy and often can’t commit to a lesson every single week without fail, Sarah has designed a package system for our adults. They are able to buy a 6 lesson package and they have 8 weeks to fit in their lessons before they expire. Sarah also gives her teachers a card for each adult student with boxes we can fill in the dates and check off after each lesson.

We’ve received good feedback about this system so far! My adult students have mentioned how they feel much better about committing to lessons knowing they have some wiggle room each month.

For the fall semester, we are considering making a pay-by-the-month package of three lessons, for the sake of consistency. What are some ways you work with adult student? Do you have any different offers for them than you do a regular weekly student?