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By Julia Kossuth

We here at the Studios of Sarah Strout are so excited about our upcoming summer programs! Summer is a great time to offer extra activities for our students as well as have a bit more fun than in the more structured school year. Aside from regular lessons, here are a few of the programs we will be having:

“Frozen” Camp
Campers will get to sing hits from the Disney movie “Frozen”! This camp includes warm-ups, vocal techniques, some simple choreography, acting, and an end-of-camp performance for parents.

SummerSunGroup Classes
We will also be offering “Little Ukes” classes for young ukelele beginners and “Little Mozarts” classes for young piano beginners.

Performance Classes
Similar to a master class, this will be an opportunity for students to perform for each other in a group setting. They will receive positive and constructive feedback from each other and the teacher, as well as have the opportunity to collaborate on duets with each other with teacher coaching.

Theory Adventure Classes
This is a chance for students to learn and reinforce the basics of “musical grammar”. Material will be presented in a fun and interactive way through games, composition and improvisation, using kinesthetic, visual, aural, and tactile learning in a group setting.

Guitar by the Glass
This is a super fun opportunity for our over-21 crowd to come to a jam class in the evenings! With a glass of wine and snacks provided, this is a great way to unwind with one of our expert teachers. All levels are welcome.

What are your summer plans? Do you implement anything extra or different than you do in the school year?