Identity Through Musical Instruments

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There is an idea that some musicians share that the instrument a musician plays is related to the player’s personality and attitude, or can even change it transforming the person just like a superhero changes when they put ther suits on. It changes depending on the person but it can go one way or the… Read more »

Slow Down

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by Jamey Mann, Catoctin School of Music Something I say several times a day to students is please slow down. Students playing too fast is an issue students of all abilities must work on. Many listen to their favorite songs or artist and are eager to play just as fast as them. In addition, students… Read more »

A.I. and Programming In Music

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There has been a great amount of progress in terms of artificial inteligence (A.I.) in the last ten years, and it’s begining to get into the realm of music in several ways, and as we get more deeply involved in new technologies and new ways to create, it’s a good idea to think about the… Read more »

Functions of Music

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We know why we listen to music right? because it gives us pleasure, whether it is by making us feel happy, energetic or even help us through tough times while embracing feelings of sadness and nostalgia. We do not however, think about why music is so important to us and has been for so many… Read more »

Brief History of Music Education.

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Ancient Greece Music education was an important part of greek culture as it had the purpose of helping society to participate in the fine arts. Many philosophers considered that music was an important aspect of education, for example, Aristotle believed that students needed to develop musical taste, as this reflects the community rather than just… Read more »