More Family Time, an Album by Ziggy Marley

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This year has been tough for everyone, and many musicians have made the most of the time during lockdown to reflect about their lives and the state of the world today. This has led to many interesting creations, but many of them focus on the things we are living today, and becoming so self conscious… Read more »

It’s Never Too Late To learn An Instrument

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One of the most common misconceptions about music education is that you can’t learn how to play an instrument as an adult. While it can be a bit more difficult, it’s not impossible at all, it’s actually a very good idea, because many people want to get into music at a later time in their… Read more »

Why is the Pipe Organ Hard to Play?

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The question of how hard is it to play a pipe organ cannot be simply answered with how difficult it actualy is to play, because there is also the fact that this is not an instrument you can easily purchase and bring home, so why would you learn to play such a bothersome instrument? and… Read more »

The Motivation Triangle: Three Practice Targets to Keep You Going

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by Robert Fisher, The Catoctin School of Music The challenges of social isolation, the suspension of ensemble gatherings and an overall sense that live musical performance with large audiences may not be the norm for some time can certainly discourage budding and professional musicians alike, especially in this season of uncertainty. You or someone you… Read more »

Online Music Teaching Limitations

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While most people have been able to overcome the issues that COVID 19 brought to the world, some are not problems that are easily solved, instead most people have found other ways to teach. For music teachers, these last few months have been extremely challenging, even more so when it comes to teaching how to… Read more »