Performing: Benefits the Studio

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By Julia Kossuth One of my favorite aspects of working at the Studios of Sarah Strout is the wealth of talent and knowledge that all the teachers possess! What a fantastic resource from which to draw players for gigs, information about events, and exchange teaching experiences and tips. Another wonderful opportunity our studio presents is… Read more »

Practice for Punches

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By Julia Kossuth This year, the Studios of Sarah Strout are doing a new practice incentive: Practice for Punches! Our students will be able to see their progress as they achieve punches in the cards for practice time. Our students are required to achieve a certain number of practice minutes relative to their grade each… Read more »

New Tool for Teaching

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By Julia Kossuth I am SO excited to try out a new (at least new for us) tool for students this upcoming year! I’ve recently discovered, a free resource to piano teachers with their registration. The creators have offered two fantastic iPad applications that I think will greatly enhance my students’ musicality, sight reading,… Read more »

Preparing for a Studio Move

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For the past 5+ years, I have run a fairly large studio out of my home. In that time, I’ve contracted another instructor who traveled to her students, while still maintaining a long waiting list. This winter, the two of us began toying with the idea of partnering to expand the studio and eventually hire… Read more »

Reading and Improvisation

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By Julia Kossuth As my personal studio of students has expanded and changed, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to change and hone my teaching style to match each student’s level and goals. Although I’m personally a music reader and not as strong an improviser, that certainly doesn’t describe all students. One thing I’ve enjoyed exploring… Read more »

Why Lessons?

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By Julia Kossuth As the fall semester approaches, I and the rest of the Studio of Sarah Strout have been considering how to change up our motivational system in the wake of so many new students. Past systems of everyone receiving a prize is simply no longer practical. And more importantly, it would be a… Read more »

Create Buzz With Biz Cards

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The only money I spend on marketing my studio each year is for new business cards. For less than $50, I can spread the word about my services far and wide, and also allow others to easily do the same. I have found business cards to be way more effective than print ads, online ads,… Read more »

Reaching a New Demographic

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Since the very beginning, my studio’s target population has been school-aged children and teens. We offer voice, piano, and guitar lessons as well as music therapy, and have been very fortunate to fill every available time slot and maintain a sizable waiting list. But as I’ve mentioned before, I always like to set challenges for… Read more »

Techniques to Minimize Injury and Maximize Technique

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By Julia Kossuth Often in playing the piano, it is so easy to drift into less-than-healthy habits of playing and posture. Especially with my older students, I try to help them think through and mentally engage with what their body is doing while they play beyond just getting the music learned. The first thing I… Read more »