Outgrowing My Studio

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Every year it seems that I blog about a big change happening in my studio: renovating, hiring another teacher, taking the summer off to have a baby…and now, moving to a bigger location! My studio has grown from being a traveling one (where I went to my student’s homes), to a small one-room space in… Read more »

Summer Plans

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By Julia Kossuth We here at the Studios of Sarah Strout are so excited about our upcoming summer programs! Summer is a great time to offer extra activities for our students as well as have a bit more fun than in the more structured school year. Aside from regular lessons, here are a few of… Read more »

10 Steps to Organize a Masterclass in Your Studio

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In a recent post, The Masterclass: Then and Now, I discussed the purpose and importance of a Masterclass. Masterclasses are an integral part of my studio and I usually hold two or three per studio year. I enjoy the benefits of having my teaching validated by another colleague and it is so helpful for students… Read more »

Thoughts as Music Teachers

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By Julia Kossuth This month, I’ve asked a few of our teachers to comment on what they love the most about teaching. As teachers, we do far more than just instruct kids about the various facets of music, but also love the one-on-one interaction and relationships we get to build with each child. One of… Read more »

Celebrating Students’ Festival Success

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Every year, many of my piano and voice students participate in our local Junior Festival, hosted by the Illinois Federation of Music Clubs. Preparation for Festival begins in November when they choose their pieces, and then they work hard for the next four months learning, memorizing, and perfecting. Needless to say, it’s a stressful time… Read more »

Practicing Tips for Students

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By Julia Kossuth As we’ve begun the spring semester and gotten back into the swing of music lessons post-break, I’ve noticed a few practicing habits–or lack thereof–that I want to address with my students. Here are a few of the tips I walk them through during their lesson or have as a handout for them…. Read more »

Group Class Ideas

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By Julia Kossuth One of the opportunities I have at the Studios of Sarah Strout is to teach a group piano class to three 4- and 5-year-olds. Being relatively new to teaching group classes, it’s been a great learning opportunity for me regarding teaching strategies and being creative in class time. A useful tool I’ve… Read more »

Reigniting the Spark in Your Career

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No matter how successful, motivated, and passionate you are when it comes to your career as a studio owner, it’s inevitable: at some point, you’ll need to add some fuel to the fire that drives your work. Maybe you’re undergoing a shift in your personal life, or feeling burnt out, or just fighting a case… Read more »

Achieve a Good Attitude This Year!

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Several years ago, the following article appeared in our local newspaper. My dad clipped the article and I recently came across it again. It is still timely and valuable advice written by Lloyd Shearer. Shearer was a celebrity columnist for Parade magazine (an insert in the Sunday paper) and wrote the popular column Personality Parade…. Read more »

Adjustments As We Grow

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By Julia Kossuth As 2014 very quickly approaches, the Studios of Sarah Strout are also quickly preparing to resume lessons in our brand new studio space. In the next week, we will be moving all of our studio’s contents into the new building and getting settled for the spring semester. We are looking forward to… Read more »