Approaching the New Year

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By Julia Kossuth As 2013 comes quickly to a close, I’ve been spending some time thinking about the new year. I want this to be a dynamic spring semester for my students and the Studios of Sarah Strout, so I plan on carefully considering what each of my kids needs to become a stronger musician… Read more »

Preparing for a New Year

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Every year, I take a two-week break in December so that both my students and I can enjoy the holidays with our families. After several months of hard work, we all need that time off to recharge our batteries. But for me, the winter vacation isn’t all play and no work. While I don’t actually… Read more »

Publicizing Your Studio at the Holidays

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This time of year is always a bit frenzied, trying to fit everything in before the winter break begins at the end of December. But despite my already busy schedule, I always make time for the plethora of publicity opportunities that come up in my community. These opportunities vary as far as the amount of… Read more »

Holidays at the Studios of Sarah Strout

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By Julia Kossuth As Thanksgiving has just passed and Christmas quickly approaches, we are enjoying the wonderful sounds of Christmas carols during almost every lesson here at the Studios of Sarah Strout. We are preparing for our Christmas recital coming up mid-December, where we will be sharing the sounds of Christmas at a local nursing… Read more »

The Masterclass: Then & Now

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The purpose of a masterclass is to give students an opportunity to perform for and be critiqued by an esteemed artist. Performing for a master teacher is considered an honor and an educational opportunity. Observing a masterclass is a rare opportunity to see a great artist at work. History The idea of a masterclass was… Read more »

The Holiday Season

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By Julia Kossuth As October wraps up and we further approach the holiday season, I want to incorporate celebration and festivity into my lessons, studio atmosphere, and music that my kids learn, of course. This will not only be enjoyable for me as I teach, but also keep piano lessons relevant to everything else going… Read more »

Why Take Music Lessons?

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By Julia Kossuth Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about why students should participate in private lessons. After all, they have so many activities pulling at them between school and other extracurricular activities, why should they set time out of their week for private music lessons? Besides the obvious reason of desiring to… Read more »

Payment Policy Makeovers

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The administrative aspect of owning a teaching studio can be tricky at times, especially when it comes to money. And though it wasn’t easy, this summer I made the decision to go forward with a payment policy change that I’ve been contemplating for a couple years now. Up until now, I had been charging per… Read more »