Swapping With Other Small Businesses

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Last spring, I was contacted by a local family photographer who was interested in setting up a little marketing trade with my studio. I had never done such a thing with another small business, so I jumped on the opportunity. The photographer’s proposal was that she would include my brochures and business cards in her… Read more »

Motivation to Learn

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By Julia Kossuth As the first month of lessons has passed, for this school year anyway, it’s been interesting to watch the interest, progress, and motivation for each student take shape. Here at the Studios of Sarah Strout, we use a point system in which each student can earn points for practicing, memorizing, performing for… Read more »

Parents in Lessons

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By Julia Kossuth As the school year gets underway and both old and new faces begin to arrive in the studio each week, the individual—yet ever changing—dynamic with each student and their teacher begins to set in. One situation that tends to occur at least a few times with every new set of students is… Read more »

The To-Do List

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By Meridith Johnson As teachers, studio owners and managers and people on planet earth, it seems like there is a constant to-do list.  Seasons change, jobs change, people move and our live seem to be in a constant flux. Our studio has gown greatly in the number of students we’ve had, and we’ve expanded our… Read more »

Weekend Hours: a “Do” or a “Don’t”?

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Since I first opened my studio back in 2007, I had a “no weekends” policy. I’ve had families ask about Saturday and Sunday lessons and music therapy sessions, but I always stood firm that I would limit my work week to 5 days. Until now. The thing is, Sunday has never really served as a… Read more »

A New Year

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By Meridith Johnson The days becoming noticeably shorter seems to ring in a new season with yellow school busses packed with children in every seat, excited to head back to school.  Every fall seems to welcome new beginnings as students return to sports, school and activities with a blank page of possibilities ahead this year…. Read more »

Igniting the Spark

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The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. – William Arthur Ward As summer draws to a close, I reflect on my studio goals for the coming year. September always provides an opportunity to begin anew! This year, I will strive to empower students to be accountable… Read more »

My Secret Weapons for Productivity

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I’m on maternity leave this summer, so my studio is currently closed and I’m not teaching students. However, I’m still running my resource website for music teachers and therapists as well as doing lots of planning for the fall session, so that in combination with a brand new baby means I have to be super… Read more »

Practice, practice, practice!

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By Meridith Johnson Practicing.  This topic seems to be highly debated over the years under the umbrella of music education.  With so many different opinions and approaches, what is the best policy or view of practicing? How much should we as teachers require our students to practice?  Or what about students who put too much… Read more »