The Sound of Sports

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There are many ways in which music affects sports, whether it is during training, special events, or cues about something related to the game, there is no doubt that music plays a big part in what makes sports such a great and exciting experience. Rapper Kendrick Lamar commented on the big influence of music in… Read more »

Music Effects on Animals

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By now, most of us are familiar with all the benefits music can bring us, whether it’s mentally or phisically, there is no doubt that there are many ways we can respond to the sound of music, but that’s us humans, what about animals? Animals can react to music in different ways as well, beyond… Read more »

More Than Voice Tips: Extended Vocal Techniques

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Sometimes signing can be taken to greater heights when for example the term “extended techniques” is used. This refers to inhaling as a method of producing melodies as opposed to just exhaling and just singing the notes. In a way, Extended vocal techniques are advanced ways of singing that began around the 20th century, and… Read more »

The Great Legacy of Eddie Van Halen

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When you think about art, you think about something beautiful, something enjoyable, entertaining, life changing, full of emotions and something timeless. Yes there are trends and the times change, but art has a special thing that makes it last almost forever. In music the same applies, and the legacy of thousands of musicians remain even… Read more »

The Jaded Hearts Club Band

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Music always pays homage to artists that made history in many ways, one of them is covers, but sometimes covers reinvent the original in creative ways without altering the feeling that was intended to have. These covers are mostly associated with people that post in social media and just do it for fun, the interesting… Read more »

Pianist James Rhodes, and Music’s Blessing

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James Rhodes is an English pianist born in March 6, 1975 in London. He became very interested in music at a young age, more specifically piano, after listening to a recording of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 E flat major, Op. 73. He wanted to play piano and asked many times for piano lessons but… Read more »

More Family Time, an Album by Ziggy Marley

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This year has been tough for everyone, and many musicians have made the most of the time during lockdown to reflect about their lives and the state of the world today. This has led to many interesting creations, but many of them focus on the things we are living today, and becoming so self conscious… Read more »

It’s Never Too Late To learn An Instrument

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One of the most common misconceptions about music education is that you can’t learn how to play an instrument as an adult. While it can be a bit more difficult, it’s not impossible at all, it’s actually a very good idea, because many people want to get into music at a later time in their… Read more »

Online Music Teaching Limitations

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While most people have been able to overcome the issues that COVID 19 brought to the world, some are not problems that are easily solved, instead most people have found other ways to teach. For music teachers, these last few months have been extremely challenging, even more so when it comes to teaching how to… Read more »