Live Performances: From Rock to Classical

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There is nothing like a live performance, while making records and streaming music is usually the way that music gets to a large amount of people, there is something about it being played and heard in the moment that makes a deeper bond and greater connection with the audience. Jack White has an interesting “rule”… Read more »

The Spanish Art of Flamenco

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There are many forms of music all around the world, each with its own origins and stories, and Flamenco, has a very interesting story, composition and dancing that has been kept alive through time in many ways, as tradition and inspiration for new music. Flamenco is composed of three main distinct sounds, one coming from… Read more »

Music: Mind, Body and Health

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There has been lots of research surrounding music’s healing capabilities, some spiritual and some medical and cientific, but this is an ongoing dialogue that never ceases to amaze, because there are indeed some uses of music that can help with our health. The human brain and nervous system are hard-wired to distinguish music from noise… Read more »

Melodies as a Time Machine

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Music has it’s way of getting to people through feelings in a very strong way, and those melodies are also timeless in way. Everyone has felt some nostalgia or flashbacks whenever a certain song is played, we see memories and feel what we felt in a specific moment or part of our lives and that… Read more »

Muse and Inspiration in Music

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There are lots of myths and conversation surrounding what makes the first spark of creativity and inspiration, some say it’s a natural thing and others say it’s something you learn, however the truth is that there has never been a time when this was not an important subject. The Mistery of Inspiration Human beings have… Read more »

Music In Common Places: Ringtones and Tools

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Music doesn’t have to be the main protagonist or serve as a soundtrack for some great story, music can also be ambient, cues, and tools for the every day life. This is an interesting aspect of music, because it shows how important music is to us as human beings that unless you are completely isolated… Read more »

Musical Films in America

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A musical film is not just a film with music accompanying the story, is a film where dialogues and story are intertwined with music and in many occasions dancing. There is a very theatrical feel about these movies, sometimes resembling operas and old plays but there was a big boom in Hollywood which started around… Read more »

Street Musicians

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There are many ways to share music to the world, and while there are now digital connections that makes this a lot easier, there are still artists and musicians who enjoy the most simple experience of all, just go to the street and play. While most of street performers receive some money for their talents,… Read more »

Tips For Having a Band

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Having a band is not easy, it’s actually easier to make music by yourself if you have all the tools and instruments to do it. Playing with others can result in great experiences and really interesting sounds, but it can also lead to a very disastrous relationship and failed commitment. The thing that every musician… Read more »

Sounds of a Generation

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Sometimes a movement happens, and it leaves a mark in history through its consequences in culture, politics, art and literature, some of these movements were the Beat generation and the hippies during the Vietnam war in the United States. It just so happens that these important moments in history were also accompanied by music that… Read more »