Online Music Teaching Limitations

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While most people have been able to overcome the issues that COVID 19 brought to the world, some are not problems that are easily solved, instead most people have found other ways to teach. For music teachers, these last few months have been extremely challenging, even more so when it comes to teaching how to… Read more »

Music Myths

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There are myths everywhere and people who find them interesting but it’s not always entertaining, as it can also be harmful. The music industry is no exception to myths and rumours, and there can often discrourage aspiring musicians or chnge the point of view of a person about something, while it’s not true at all…. Read more »

Music and Dancing

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While music is indeed a form of expressing one’s feelings, almost as if it was a language, there is another language that came from music as it’s melodies and rythm made their way into the body. The human body reacts to these sounds and rythm, and moves. History teaches us that dancing was used or… Read more »

Music in the Workplace

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For many people music can help them concentrate and keep them focused on a specific task this applies to studying, working out and many other tasks, however sometimes we ask ourselves, does it really helps with work or is it just a distraction to make something tedious and boring a little less heavy? It is… Read more »

Live Music After the Pandemic

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One of the biggest worries that came with covid 19 was that live concerts were affected in a way that most of the live performances had to be cancelled, leaving people uncertain about future shows, festivals and many other music events. However, as the world slowly recovers from the initial blow of the virus, several… Read more »

Music Job Opportunities

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If you chose to study music or just live your life with music as your main goal, chances are you made the choice because you love music, however the question about whether or not it can give you a good job and a stable income, will come from many people around you, yourself included. As… Read more »

Percussion Instruments

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If there is a part of music that remains to be extremely important in music whether it is classical, rock, or electronic music, it’s percussion. There are many forms it can take, ranging from cymbals, kettledrums, to tamborines. Percussion is the heartbeat of music. In addition to providing rhythm to music and keeping time, many… Read more »

Why is Elvis The King of Rock N’ Roll?

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There aren’t that many people in the world that haven’t hear anything about Elvis Presley, the king of rock n’ roll, and there are a few reasons as to why he became such an important figure in music history, more specifically rock. Context in America First of all it’s important to have in mind the… Read more »

How Did Beethoven Compose?

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Ludwig Van Beethoven is one of the most important musicians in history, and it’s hard not to know his name or recognizing some of his work as something “familiar” but few people really get into how he did the things he did, and why did he become so famous and such an important part of… Read more »