Brief History of Music Education.

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Ancient Greece Music education was an important part of greek culture as it had the purpose of helping society to participate in the fine arts. Many philosophers considered that music was an important aspect of education, for example, Aristotle believed that students needed to develop musical taste, as this reflects the community rather than just… Read more »

Different Language, Different Music

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On one hand, many of us can agree that music is to some extent a universal language, and that there are actually quite a few things that can be said and felt through music even if we can’t understand the lyrics sometimes. On the other hand, the language still has some direct consecuences to the… Read more »

Musical Genres and Their Reactions

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Music has almost infinite braches of genres, this is an obvious thing but at the same time, it’s a very fascinating fact, and something that surely makes music be very alive. It’s a wonder to discover how these genres came to be, and how there is a constant movement of sounds and places which endlessly… Read more »

Music Breaks Boundaries

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In times of war, civil unrest and fear, music has always been a safe haven, no matter which time period, history has shown us that music has the power to bring people together. It’s a beautiful image to have, that an aspiring musician writing some things in a small bedroom can potentially reach millions of… Read more »

Ear Exercises

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There is more than just learning how to play an instrument, sometimes you can see musicians tune their instruments very easily or improvise like it’s a walk in the park, well this has a lot to do with having a good ear, which can go as far as having perfect pitch which we will talk… Read more »

Making Music in the Desert: Rancho de la Luna

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Musicians are always looking for new ways to make and record music not only because it’s more fun, but because it allows new ideas to flow more easily. It’s no secret that when an artist or an academic or any person that creates things from nothing, they take a break or a walk, something to… Read more »

Music Through History: Civilization VI Soundtrack

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Sid Meier’s Civilization series is a videogame that serves as a history teacher and strategy simulator, this requires a big a mount of research from the developers in order to deliver the most precise records from the most important events in human history, from the prehistoric age to modern times. In Civilization VI one of… Read more »

Tomorrow’s World

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These days have been a test of emotional endurance for everyone, these are times when most people feel trapped and there is no way out, but we also have to make a stand and look towards a better tomorrow, and while we are in lockdown, we need to find ways to feel free, rather than… Read more »

Music Influence On Babies

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It is commonly known that babies tend to react positively to music in many ways, and sometimes it’s a way to make them relax and fall asleep as well as have some fun, however there are other lasting benefits that might interest some parents, uncles or any person who has an important little family member…. Read more »

The Consequences Of Forcing Kids Into Music

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It goes without saying that children often need to be encouraged to discover the world and learn new things, this sometimes means that parents and teachers may feel in the need of forcing them to do things they don’t want to do in order for them to learn valuable lessons, but when is this the… Read more »