What is Sound

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As musicians, our most valuable sense is hearing, and while almost every human listens to the world in many ways, musicians understand sound better than anyone. This does not only affect how good musicians are at listening to music, it helps learning new languages and distinguishing certain sounds from one another, as an expert chef… Read more »

The Magic of John Cage

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There is much that can be said about a person that is so passionate about playing as he is about talking about music, John Cage manages to bring so much to the table from experimental music, great prowess as a pianist and a unique knowledge that practicaly makes him one of the most interesting philosphers… Read more »

Music On The Road

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There is a special kind of feeling when it comes to listening to your favourite music while driving on your car, in a bus or any form of traveling from one point to another, music on the road gives a sense of determination , nostalgia and it cranks inspiration to a maximum level. This is… Read more »

History of The Piano

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One of the most complete instruments is the piano, this means that even by itself, it produces a full sound filled with bright tones and a great bass due to its incredible range. It also feels very good to play, which goes beyond just sound. Pianist John Cage talked about hs works in 1930s with… Read more »

How to Avoid Making More of The Same?

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This is an obvious theme for every creator in any way, for artists, engineer, musician and in many ways for every human being on earth. For this article we will narrow it down to music of course, but the idea of getting this full picture is that human beings create things from what they learn… Read more »

What Is 8 Bit Music?

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There is somewhat of a genre that has been on the internet for quite sometime now, mostly as versions of other songs transforming them into a “videogame” like soundtrack. Older videogames such as the ones on Supernintendo and the Sega Genesis had everything recorded through a synthesizer, so music was all made with one instrument… Read more »

Experimental Musical Instruments

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These days we’ve come to understand and learn how to play instruments that have been around for many years, some as old as flutes and drums, others a bit more new like the violin and the piano, to the more modern ones such as electric guitars, synthesizers and computers. The origin of how every instrument… Read more »

Music And Chemistry

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Maybe you could think it’s a stretch, to believe that music and chemistry can be related to eachother. We know mathematics and music are very intertwined in many ways but how could it work with the science of the elements? In 1865 there was a proposition made by John Newlands which consisted in dividing 62… Read more »

Musicians Side and Solo Projects

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We usually see musicians having different musical projects at a time, or a few at the same time, this is not only interesting for listeners as they get to enjoy different music from their favourite artists, but the musicians themselves experience different things while working with different people or in different ways. This allows them… Read more »

Spaghetti Western Music

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When we think about cowboys, it’s hard not to hear that classic western music inside our heads, the whistles, well placed guitars, banjos, harmonicas and much more. The truth is that all of this comes from spaghetti westerns which became a big thing around the 1960s. These westerns were special, they were produced and directed… Read more »