Electric Guitar Beginner’s Guide

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There is something that tends to happen with young students which is that they don’t stay within the limts of classical music which is the standard for music education, and they follow the energetic appeal of music such as rock, but there are some differences beyond just how to play this type of music and… Read more »

Making Music To Build Bridges

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These days there is a lack of real human connection, and it’s important to build bridges to overcome this. Our world should be a very connected world because of the internet and all the different ways that space has stopped being an issue. Hideo Kojima, the creator of the videogame Death Stranding says: “We’re in… Read more »

Opera Singing

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One of the toughest way to sing is to learn how to sing Opera, the strength and passion that the voice manages to have is almost unbelievable. There are specific ways to train the voice and be able to sing with such powerful sound. However one of the most important things to understand about opera… Read more »

First Steps Before Music School: Guitar

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There are many new young musicians this time of year, probably because their parents got their children a new guitar, they are filled with excitement and wish to be the best right away, if you know someone, or have children that are desperate to be profesional musicians this tips are for you. Fingers on Strings… Read more »

Virtuoso Performance and Composition

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Being a virtuoso has a lot to do with something that is near magical, sometimes some techniques and compositions come from a place that can hardly be copied, that’s why is so easy to know when someone is being replaced in a band, someone that really made it shine, and the new person filling the… Read more »

Jingle Bells: A Christmas Story

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When everyone thinks of Christmas, there is a song that always starts in their heads, a song that has been adapted worldwide and has become part of the Christmas spirit, this is “Jingle Bells”. It’s interesting to think that this composition has been able to stay alive for so many years, every year it comes… Read more »

On How Music Conveys Hope

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It is known that music has the power to send different messages and express many human emotions but it’s uncommon to really go deep into which emotions, how and why these emotions are carried by the sounds of music, in this case it’s interesting to think about one of the strongest feelings of people, hope…. Read more »

Tempo: Musical Order and Emotion

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In music there is a lot of structure and melodies, all of these fall into place thanks to the tempo set for the piece.This not only gives order and structure to the overall sound, it also sets the tone for what is trying to be expressed, for example, sadness is usually slow, happiness is fast,… Read more »

Why You Should Listen to Electronic Music

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The 20th century gave birth to many dreams and ideas about the future, how it could look like and wether it was good or bad, it always seemed a little alien compared to what we are used to. This started happening in many areas including of course technological research and different areas of cience. As… Read more »