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image00136I am not a lawyer, or an experienced business person – and I have absolutely no idea how to handle payroll, but I am a teacher who has been filling the role of teacher, bookkeeper, human relations, events coordinator, etc – so what I will address today is related only to the fact that I am feeling overwhelmed and overstretched.

How does a teacher in a private lesson situation do it all?  When we teach at our homes, we live at work… we breathe work, sleep at work, eat at work, spend time with family at work.  Separating the daily workspace and homespace is easy enough, but nearly impossible when our minds are constantly working on our next “to do” list.  Sometimes, we simply need help.

If you could hire the BEST assistant (one who would do everything except the teaching), what would you want?  What skills?  What jobs/tasks would they complete?  What hours?  What mannerisms, habits, and different personality preferences would you hire?  What would be the pay?  Any benefits?

We need to address all of the above questions, and more, when considering someone to hire.  Employing someone in your home studio requires reliability, trust, their ability to work independently, and a quick grasp of their job description and tasks.

For me, the following would be non-negotiable for the all-around helper.  I would consider, however, someone who could learn the skills need (but perhaps doesn’t already use them, or know they exist).

*Clerical – computer, bookkeeping, filing, billing, ordering supplies
*Studio Tasks (daily) – practice logs,
*House cleaning – vacuuming, dusting, straighten waiting area
*Technology – keep things running, programs, software, electronics, printer
*Public relations – quick to respond to emails & phone calls, courteous, friendly
*Advertising – someone who could efficiently & thoroughly utilize the advertising options.

Hours would be…
*Before the Teaching Day (prep, public relations) – perhaps 2 hours?
*During the Teaching Day (tasks not requiring my attention) – 3 to 4 of the hours?
*After the Teaching Day (cleanup, filing) – perhaps 1 hour?

The ideal situation would be as shown above, but I’m not speaking for Assistanteveryone.  Who would you hire?  If you could sit back, relax, enjoy time with your family, and afford the financial change hiring someone would take, what would you do?  What things would you put back in your schedule?  What enjoyable things do you do to relax after a long day of teaching?  How would your life be changed by hiring someone you could trust to do things just as thoroughly & carefully as you do them?

I am new to the thought, but am excited at the possibility!  I am excited for what the future holds in my studio.  What does the future hold in your studio?